Bionail launches in Network Marketing – Interview with founder Leyla Sommer

This article appeared in NETCOO on June 1, 2018

Leyla Sommer has always been fascinated by everything that has to do with beauty, cosmetics and beauty care. After training as a retail worker, she worked as a fashion consultant and store manager for a large fashion line. She owes it to her ambition that she began a dual degree in business administration. During this time, the idea of starting and running a business developed more and more. “The conversion from an idea into a product, brand or company still fascinates me every day.”

She let her words be followed by action. Last year, we reported on their startup Bionail in the Netcoo issue 06-2017. Now the young and attractive entrepreneur is launching her new startup JETASO in network marketing. At her side her husband and longtime sales professional Stefan Sommer.

We asked Leyla about her motivations in the interview and can admit at this point that we – as Netcoo – are not entirely innocent of her launch in network marketing. But in turn:

When we met in May last year, you started distributing your products through cosmetic studios. How has your business evolved to this day?

I am more than satisfied and very grateful. Many well-known perfumeries, cosmetics studios and exclusive hotels in their SPA areas have added Bionail to their range. I was already optimistic, but I didn’t expect such a great response. And it’s indescribably beautiful when you see your own product standing in a perfumery or display case in the hotel.

That sounds fantastic. So why did you decide to distribute Bionail via Network Marketing?

Your editor Andreas Graunke is not entirely blameless about this … When you reported on me and my plans last year with a two-page article, I became a real fan of NETCOO. From that moment on, I became more and more concerned with the topic of network marketing. First, of course, I read through the issue with the article about me from front to back. From that point on, there was the latest NETCOO for me every 2 months and quite honestly,-I could hardly wait to hold it in my hands.

From the very beginning, I was fascinated by the success stories of the network marketing companies, how they started to evolve, the success stories from the partners who enjoyed unbelievably great success. Stories of people who started part-time and have worked their way up from the very bottom to the highest positions of their respective career plans and can live all their desires and dreams as a result. I wondered why I studied when so many people can achieve so much through referral marketing I was getting more ‘ on fire ‘ … This feeling now of starting a company in network marketing, and thereby sharing one’s own success and offering thousands of people a professional and financial opportunity, just won’t let me go!

Well, then we like to be at fault. What happened next Leyla?

On my first anniversary of my company Bionail a good 6 weeks ago, I said to my husband: ‘ i want to share Bionail and future success with thousands of people. I want to accompany people, support, motivate and promote people to live their own dreams and desires. “ He looked at me dented and said, “Sweetheart, what happened?” I replied “Bionail goes to Network Marketing and you have to help me with that.” I knew, of course, for a long time that my husband was already an absolute professional in network marketing and-before we got to know each other three years ago-had built up huge structures ourselves. It was clear to me that his experience and my product would form an unbeatable unit. From this day on, we work together day and night to realize my dream and bring Bionail into network marketing. A highly professional billing system was programmed and I immediately founded a second company, the NOW UG, to handle Bionail’s Network Marketing distribution system.

Netcoo editor Andreas Graunke with Leyla Sommer last year. Inspired by the magazine, the young founder now starts in network marketing

That sounds exciting. What does NOW mean?

JETASO stands for EVERY DAY SOMMER, on the one hand it is our name, but also our attitude to life. Every day joy, every day love, every day to be there for each other, to keep evolving and to build something great together. And that’s exactly what I want to achieve with NOW. To enable thousands of people to live this life.

All this sounds very well thought out, what does your commission plan look like and when will you start officially?

The operating start will commence on 1 July 2018 . However, interested parties will be able to pre-position themselves as early as 1 June 2018 . The commission plan is just as strong and simple as the high-quality Bionail care system. It is a Unilevel plan that includes 6 levels of affordable and dynamic compression, as well as a share in the company’s worldwide turnover. So no frills, but financially exceptionally exciting for ancillators, as well as for professionals. And the plan is quite deliberately mega-easy to explain. Duplicate really made quite easy.

This sounds like you have done your homework and are very well prepared: We wish you a lot of success and continue to have exciting stories of personalities like you.