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JeTaSo combines various professional brands in the trendy beauty and health sector under one roof.

The Premium JeTaSo brand for healthy and well-groomed natural nails. The Bionail™ Repair System is the world’s leading bioactive nail care system, which enables dreamlike, salon-maintained natural nails in just 10 minutes in 4 simple steps!

The premium JeTaSo brand for beauty and wellness. Infused with high-quality, natural and biological active ingredients, the Orgaderm products are a boon for skin, hair and nails.

The Premium JeTaSo brand to support an active lifestyle
and daily vitality. All Biorade products are 100 organic
and possess the bioactive power of nature.

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Partner Deals

Special, limited deals add to your winnings, and JeTaSo Limited Edition gifts bring you pure joy.

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Participate in the complete company turnover and the international expansion of JeTaSo.

Unilevel Bonus

Level 1 – 10

Level 2 – 2

Level 3 – 3

Level 4 – 4

Level 5 – 5

Level 6 – 6


Internal trainings and seminars form the basis for your successful career with JeTaSo.


Premium Mobility for JeTaSo Partners

Reisen mit JeTaSo

JeTaSo allows you to participate in exclusive trips for you and your family.