Network Marketing is now one of the most dynamic and fast-growing forms of sales internationally in order to move products and services from manufacturer to consumer.

Die herkömmliche Form, Produkte über den klassischen Groß- und Einzelhandel zum Kunden zu bringen, durchlaufen dabei sehr lange und kostspielige Wege.

The manufacturer wants to make its profit, the wholesale trade also, the field service has to earn, as well as the advertising industry ect. Finally, for offering the products for sale to the end customer, retailers still need a mostly very high margin, which is between 80% and 150% of their purchase price.

In network marketing, the network marketing company is itself a manufacturer of products, or has them produced directly at the manufacturer.
A network marketing company deliberately refrains from long and costly ways to bring the products to the consumer.

Network marketing companies rely in particular on the direct, personal recommendation of the products from person to person, and the possibilities that the company’s sales partners will thus have a sometimes very lucrative ancillary income, and even a considerable Build main incomes.


Your success depends on you.

Your earnings in network marketing are determined by you alone. Up there are no limits. Your prerequisites for a successful job in network marketing are:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Endurance

Equal opportunities for all

A company in network marketing offers equal opportunities for every adult, able to do business, regardless of which area the prospect comes from. Registration as a sales partner and conditions apply equally to all. Only diligence and perseverance are crucial to the personal success of the partner.

Teamwork instead of competitive thinking

By giving the intermediary distributor additional remuneration for the sales made by his team and or from the network marketing company, competitive thinking never occurs within a network marketing structure, but rather a Extraordinary togetherness, where you like to support and promote each other.

The new distributor has the opportunity to recommend the products themselves. How often -and when he does that, he decides on his own. He freely allocates his time and receives no sales targets. It has a margin here, which is usually between 15% and 30% of the retail price. Each partner shops on the same terms.

The recommendations of the products are often carried out via personal advice at a home shopping party in their own rooms, or even with interested customers.
For the consumer, the great advantage is to be able to test all products in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere before deciding to buy. Through this path of personal recommendations, the respective partner can build up its own customer base and actually earn an attractive ancillary income.

The partner also has the opportunity to tell other people about his work and to connect them as a partner with the network marketing company. This partner now has the same options. On the one hand, the products, and on the other hand, the business model to recommend more people.
Due to the fact that the distributor receives additional remuneration from the Network Marketing Company for the sales made, there is never any competitive thinking within a network marketing structure, but an extraordinary togetherness, where you like to Supported and promoted by each other.

The trade margins that are spent on products from manufacturers to consumers through the path of traditional retail can thus be distributed directly to a network marketing company as remuneration to its distribution partners.

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