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Experience the JeTaSo™ 360 CLEANER, a highly effective and also renewable raw material based super concentrated cleaning power for dirt issues 360° around you. You just spray it on, let its power unfold - wipe away the dissolved dirt and you're done. The 360 CLEANER works for you and not the other way round. From the attic to the basement, from indoors to outdoors - from A-Z. And with more than 360 possible uses.

Innovative Surfactant Active Foam Technology™

Innovative Surfactant Active Foam Technology™. Thanks to the innovative Surfactant Active Foam Technology™, this super concentrate is a cleaning innovation with the power of nature. - JeTaSo™ 360 CLEANER is highly effective because it was developed to meet the demands of industry and professional cleaning. - It meets even contradictory challenges: Hard surfaces, soft surfaces, grease, limescale, new stains, old stains. Anything with a water-workable surface. Also hard-to-reach cleaning areas (vertical, corners, crevices, etc.).


In addition to the sparkling results, the JeTaSo™ 360 CLEANER is also ahead of its time when it comes to sustainability and the environment. The JeTaSo™ 360 CLEANER is label-free according to the CLP regulation and consists of renewable raw materials. It is biologically and ecologically easily degradable and protects the environment. The bottles of the cleaner are 100% recycled. They are also 100% recyclable again. A clean cycle is created.

Super concentrate

You use a very simple dosage - depending on the degree of soiling or cleaning area, you choose the mixture 1:300 up to the pure concentrate.
On average, depending on the dosage, you get a total of 150-300 mixed bottles from one bottle of 360 CLEANER. If you compare this to commercially available cleaners, one bottle of JeTaSo™ 360 CLEANER covers approx. 50-100 bottles of a common cleaner

JeTaSo™ 360 CLOTHS

JeTaSo™ 360 CLOTHS

sThe perfect complement are the JeTaSo™ 360 CLOTHS Premium microfibre cloths, which are made of 100% recycled PET (from PET bottles) and are also recyclable themselves. They are ultra gentle - really nice and thick and have an optimal cleaning quality. Perfect for both dry and wet use and suitable for all surfaces.

The JeTaSo™ 360 CLOTHS can be used not only for general cleaning (including office, home, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), but also for industrial cleaning (including removal of oil, grease and heavy dirt). The special fibre even makes it possible to use this cloth for sensitive surfaces such as televisions, high-gloss surfaces, plastics in cars, screen surfaces (tablets, mobile phones, navigation displays, etc.). The premium JeTaSo™ 360 CLOTHS are supplied in boxes of 5 pieces.